Cocoa plantation business plan

Presently the number of farmers and the amount of products churned out from their farms is still unable to satisfy the huge Nigerian population which has resulted in the government importing most agricultural products.

Want to enter the cocoa production business. Although the developed and fast developing countries especially in Europe, Asia and North America consume over 90 percent of the chocolate produced every year, chocolate largely exists because of Africa.

Meant for raising seedlings, seeds of grown-up pods are taken from lofty yielding mother plants which should generate one hundred pods per year. We will now discuss each of these factors.

Mature pods weigh gm with 48 beans and 1. The global madness for chocolate. This is a creamy-colored edible vegetable fat with a cocoa flavor and aroma that is extracted from cocoa beans. In getting a farm land you should firstly study what kind of attributes such a land should possess.

Irrigation in Cocoa Plantation Under the condition of well-distributed rainfall, cocoa grows up well as a rain-fed crop. Introduction of Cocoa Cultivation: A major feature of Forastero is it is a less aromatic cocoa flavour, this attribute in some cases can make it bitter.

For better germination, make sure to sow the seeds whose pod husk thickness is less than one centimeter and bean dry weight is more than one gram. Actual economic yield starts from fifth year. Cocoa trees are predominantly cultivated in red laterite soils. Potting mixture and type of sowing have to be well thought-out as well.

Cocoa Farming and Processing Business Plan in Nigeria

Looking at the agribusiness sector, not just in Nigeria, but the world over, you will realize that one of the major cash crops is cocoa. The requires minimum to cm rainfall per annum. Our continent now has the fastest growing population in the world.

It is highly recommended that you use tractors to pulverize and loosen the soil and remove hard roots in preparation for palm seeding. Make sure to harvest at regular intervals of 10 days.

The reality is clear; the retailers and supermarkets are the big winners. Africa as a continent produces a large amount of cocoa yearly, yet researchers believe that the cocoa producing capacity of the continent compared to what it is producing is way underutilized.

Generally, the best method of fertilizer application is to rake in and mix fertilizers with soil in shallow basins of cm radius for grown-up plants. To avoid any losses, cocoa traders must always consider the effect of pricing on their trading business.

How to Start Cocoa Plantation Farming with Small Investment

There is still a lot of room in Nigeria and Cameroon for more cocoa. For optimal performance of the crop, the rainfall must not be below mm per year. How To Start Cocoa Export Business in Nigeria Research The first thing you need to know when you want to start the cocoa export business is.

Sometimes growers sow cocoa seeds straight away in the plantation. This is a bad thing to do. It is better to put into the plantation either young cocoa seedlings from your own nursery beds, or cocoa seedlings bought from a research centre. Establishing the plantation - the costs involved here include clearing the land, planting shade and cocoa trees, pruning, weeding, fertiliser and pesticide applications and constructing the required infrastructure such as roads, irrigation ditches, nursery and processing facilities.

Philippines can be a potential producer of cocoa. The climatic conditions and soil characteristics are conducive to growing cocoa. There is presently an increasing interest from local farmers because local and international demand for cocoa products is way beyond the production capacity of the country and world prices have been constantly favorable.

Everybody who loves chocolate and other tasty cocoa products understands one simple fact: no cocoa farmers, no chocolate! As a result, these efforts that are aimed at helping farmers will boost the lucrativeness of the cocoa business in the near future.

After payment, text your full name, email address and title (cocoa plantation business plan pdf) to Your business plan will be sent to your email within 15 minutes. Looking at the agribusiness sector, not just in Nigeria, but the world over, you .

Cocoa plantation business plan
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cocoa Plantation Business Plan - Agri Farming